There’s more to UK Cold that meets the eye. Besides cooling areas and buildings to an optimum temperature, we can help you save on running costs using the very best refrigeration equipment.

Chillers –

The chiller absorbs heat from the process water and then directs it into the air around the chiller unit. The heat within the water is then absorbed by the refrigerating gas or heat transfer gas and distributed, most companies or factories will use this heat in other areas of the building to save on heating costs.

Freezers – 

The whole purpose for freezing is to preserve the products going in. Fruits and Vegetables are generally harvested and then put straight in the freezer. This is to prolong its life. Only 15-20% of the vitamins are lost during this process. By freezing your produce, you can expect the life span to be anything up to 3-4 weeks if not frozen then these products can spoil within days. It is crucial that you have the right temperatures in your freezer when storing your expensive produce. 

Blast Freezers – 

Blast freezing enables products being placed in the freezer to freeze at a much quicker rate. The reason for blast freezing is to reduce the amount of time the product takes to freeze. If you are storing food stuff such as tuna fish it is crucial that this is frozen within a certain time or the tuna when defrosted can turn an off colour. For expensive products it can be very costly if it’s not stored and frozen correctly. Typically, your blast freezers will start from around -18 and can go as low as -40 Degrees C. 

These types of Refrigeration methods are frequently installed and being used in warehouses, laboratories, food preparation areas and food storage areas, but whatever building or sector you work in, our technicians will design, install and maintain a solution to suit.



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