Age restrictions on applicants for this year’s completion will be removed in a bid to expand training opportunities for UK apprentices

Registration has now opened for this year’s SkillFridge competition, which hopes to recognise the abilities of a much broader age range of apprentices in the UK.

A key feature of this year’s contest is the removal of an upper age limit on applications to give a wider number of apprentices with different backgrounds the opportunity to take part in the contest and also improve their skills.

Applications for the latest competition will be accepted until 2 April. Organisers have urged tutors, employers or training providers to hold their own passive task contents to identify apprentices and students with the skills to compete in this year’s event.

Qualifiers are then expected be held at colleges and training centres around the country after the registration period closes. These will be held from the spring and summer, with participants asked to perform different tasks within specific times under the watch of a panel of industry experts.

Six of the highest scoring apprentices and the overall national winner of this year’s competition will then be selected to compete in the WorldSkills UK National final that will be held in November 2020 at the Birmingham NEC.

SkillFridge is intended to play up the potential career opportunities within the RACHP industry through competitions that emphasise engineering skills, event organisers have said.

A statement on this year’s competition added that the contest also allows apprentices from across the industry to show their skills.

It stated, “Whilst the main aim is to connect the younger generation with the industry, the upper age limit has been removed from the competition to encourage diversity as well as to allow all apprentice engineers the opportunity to learn best practice as well as develop their skills, benchmarking against industry standards.”

Individuals marked with high scores during the WSUK national final will also be considered as representatives for Great Britain at the international WorldSkills competitions